New Mexico needs to win big in 2022

Bill Soules

A successful or wasted technique?

New Mexico is getting showered with billions of federal bucks that add to our document state revenues. In the course of the December distinctive session we appropriated a part of that funds to several significant assignments. Now, condition lawmakers have a once in a life span second to fund a successful program to increase all New Mexicans up and vastly increase our well being, training, position readiness and financial engines.

We can glance up and out with investments towards a various upcoming. Or we can squander the chance, dribbling it away on unsustainable assignments that help couple of.

Investments in the foreseeable future: A winning method

In this future, lawmakers use a profitable tactic to use the billions to reinvent New Mexico, redesigning infrastructure in communications, transport, housing, healthcare, community education, agriculture and city and city scheduling in urban and rural regions. Visionary tasks to contemplate incorporate: