8 Reasons Why Travel Nurses Need Help from a Nurse Staffing Agency in Metairie, LA

Benefits of Working for an Agency as a Travel Nurse

There are a lot of travel nurses who choose to work with a travel nursing agency and partner up with a travel nursing recruiter as they go through their own journeys as a travel nurse. Why do travel nurses need a nurse staffing agency? What are some ideas about a nurse staffing agency in Metairie, LA? Here are 8 reasons why travel nurses need help from a nurse staffing agency in Metairie, LA.

What are the pros of getting a nurse staffing agency as a travel nurse?

  1. The recruiter would be able to focus on you

Having a recruiter and being able to work with a nursing staff agency, they are in charge of looking for more positions and contracts that are fit for what you are looking for and help build you and your career up, from career advice to advice on your interview and resume, focusing all of their attention on helping you succeed in your field.

  1. You would receive higher pay

Since you are only going to generally be called up when they are in need of more staff, you are going to receive higher pay. Aside from the instant demand, you could earn generally over $100,000 a year if you could all of the benefits and allowances that you are going to get from your nurse staffing agency.

The hospitals also would not have to pay for your benefits, offering you the money upfront instead, so instead of having to pay for your insurance, you get the money. 

But there are also some hospitals that could offer you some perks and compensation packages, you would be able to pick any of these and evaluate these pay packages for yourself, deciding what you want to prioritize.

  1. They are going to be able to filter your needs

Travel staffing agencies are able to filter your assignments based on your needs and your goals, just tell them when your availability is, your pay requirements, what you expect in the experience, and any other relevant information that they may need in order to match you with the job that you want. 

Nurse staffing agencies have these connections with different hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities all over the country.

  1. Help you find a place to settle

Since you are going to be traveling all around the country, you are able to look at all of these different places and explore them, so when you are ready to settle down then you would know where you could settle down.

Another thing that you could do as a travel nurse is to go and accept an assignment in a place that you are interested in and use that opportunity to scout on whether or not this is really the place you would eventually want to settle. 

  1. Go to a place where you are going to be needed the most

Since you are a nurse, your main job is to be there and help the people who are in need and being a travel nurse, you go to a place where you are going to be needed the most. During an epidemic, a natural disaster, or even a local tragedy, you could be up in the forefront and jump in to help.

  1. Being able to explore new environments

You would be able to explore all of these different facilities, states, and cities as you work as a travel nurse with an agency because there are a lot of jobs in demand in every state, the highest demand being in Colorado, Texas, Hawaii and New York, effectively being one of the best jobs for people who love to travel.

Not only states and facilities are the only things you could explore, but you would be able to explore other specializations and departments as well. Though you are going to need specific training, education, and certificates, there are some facilities that would allow you to just jump in and take you under their wing.

  1. Having job security

Becoming a travel nurse would give you job security as long as you are willing to travel. We are undergoing a nationwide shortage of nurses, so when you are a travel nurse, the work would continually come to you since there are a lot of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities that are in need of staff.

  1. Having a flexible schedule

Since you are generally going to pick your assignment, you would have a flexible schedule. You would be able to set what year you wish to work and where you would be assigned. 

You only have to let the agency know ahead of time when you want your time off, whether you are going to visit family, or take a break, the travel nursing agency would be able to accommodate any of your schedules so that they would be able to match you with the facility that would be able to work with your schedule.

Perks of being a travel nurse in Metairie, LA

  1. Flexible schedule
  2. More experience 
  3. Learning skills beyond nursing
  4. Minimalized workplace politics
  5. Compensation
  6. Seeing the country
  7. Perks and incentives
  8. Exploration
  9. Meeting all kinds of people
  10. Job security

Above is only some of the perks of being a travel nurse in Metairie, LA. These are some of the only perks of you being able to start your journey as a travel nurse. And as you work with a travel nursing agency, your experience as a travel nurse would be so much better and it would be much easier.