Dismantling the Transhumanist Agenda

The notion of transhumanism is staying actively researched and explored, whilst on some degree it’s presently right here. Quite a few persons regard transhumanism as turning human beings into robots, but it essentially describes a social and philosophical movement that consists of the development of human-enhancement technologies.1

In episode 26 of Children’s Overall health Protection (CHD) Tea Time, I spoke with Polly Tommey, director of programming for CHD-Tv set, and colleagues about the transhumanist agenda and how its ultimate purpose is to handle the human population. The process has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and about the previous two yrs, the world wide cabal has succeeded in influencing habits, generally as a result of concern and the development of narratives.

Most people really don’t value that they are becoming surveilled 24/7, and most of the surveillance you are permitting into your daily life, as you give up your privacy and consent to surveillance in exchange for usefulness. Google is a main culprit and the most egregious offender, and they have significant handle and impact considering the fact that, around the globe, 93% of the lookups finished online use Google.2 It is the major monopoly in the background of the entire world.

They’re Capturing Your Information and Influencing Your Head

In the foreseeable future, it’s possible that transhumanism will use systems that are bodily embedded in the human overall body or mind to offer superhuman cognition or varieties of mind management. Nevertheless, at this time transhumanism is previously taking place, not from an implantable product but via mass formation psychosis and the manipulation of details.

A essential example is the expression “mass formation psychosis,” which Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core system engineering,3 described on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” December 31, 2021. The episode was considered by a lot more than 50 million persons.4

January 2, 2022, mass development psychosis attained a value of 100 on Google Trends,5 which means it experienced reached peak recognition, soon after earlier staying almost unheard of.

The technocrats quickly took action, manipulating look for benefits and populating Google with propaganda to discredit Malone and the mass development psychosis principle — even even though Mattias Desmet, professor of scientific psychology at the College of Ghent in Belgium, who has 126 publications to his title,6 has been studying it for several decades, and the phenomenon actually dates back again more than 100 decades.

Those under the spell of mass formation psychosis obsessively target on a failure of the typical entire world or a particular party or particular person — in this circumstance COVID-19 — which gets to be the emphasis of the attention and can successfully regulate the masses. The phenomenon sales opportunities to totalitarian contemplating and, sooner or later, to totalitarian states — and it is clear that Google didn’t want you to know about it.

Google Infiltrates Your Residence

Due to the fact of their monopoly, Google controls what you see by manipulating research success and censoring sites or labeling them “misinformation.” If you want to obtain out how to actually get nutritious, for instance, the information exists on the net — it is there — but you won’t be able to locate it effortlessly if you never know where to glance due to the fact of the way Google controls info.

By manipulating information, they can shape and change actuality about any topic — from COVID-19 to Ukraine — in buy to in shape their agenda. It’s not only Google’s lookup motor that is monitoring what you do but also your browser. Google Chrome browser tracks almost everything you do online, although Gmail captures each and every character you sort — and will save it on its servers indefinitely.

If you use wise speakers in your dwelling, like Alexa and Google Residence clever speakers or the Google Assistant smartphone app, there’s a prospect folks are listening to your requests, and even may be listening when you wouldn’t count on. Even clever thermostats can have microphones in them.

Have you ever had a phone dialogue with an individual and then in the subsequent hour or working day begun acquiring ads similar to something you spoke about? This is a effective illustration of the amount of money of info they’re amassing about you and how they are using it to control and manipulate your actions. They do not require a futuristic transhumanist gadget to go in and manipulate your brain — they are already carrying out it devoid of it.

‘Hacking Organisms’ to Reengineer Life Itself

The commencing of CHD’s online video attributes transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari, professor at Hebrew College of Jerusalem and a prime adviser to Klaus Schwab, operator and chairman of the Earth Financial Discussion board (WEF). It is essential to be aware that Schwab, WEF and Harari converse overtly about transhumanism as part of The Wonderful Reset, and Harari admits knowledge might permit human elites to do far more than “just make digital dictatorships.”

“By hacking organisms,” Harari explained, “elites may perhaps obtain the power to reengineer the future of life by itself because once you can hack a thing, you can normally also engineer it.”7 Quickly, he claims, some corporations and governments will be ready to “systematically hack all the people today.” And, if they do well in hacking life, he describes it as the “greatest revolution in biology considering the fact that the commencing of lifestyle 4 billion a long time back.” In accordance to Harari:8

“For 4 billion a long time, almost nothing basic altered. Science is changing evolution by natural assortment with evolution by smart design. Not the clever design and style of some god over the clouds, but our clever structure, and the smart design and style of our clouds — the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud — these are the new driving forces of evolution.”

Once human lifetime is hacked, the hackers will maintain control about lifestyle by itself — a procedure that has been accelerated by the pandemic. Soon after all, Harari claimed, “It’s often said that you should never permit a superior crisis go to waste.”9

Surveillance is a crucial aspect of the approach for world totalitarian command, and Harari says that in 100 decades, men and women will be equipped to search back and detect the COVID-19 pandemic as the instant when a new regime in surveillance took about — “especially surveillance less than the pores and skin.”10

Even even though a brain-computer system implant recently enabled a completely paralyzed male to communicate with spouse and children and doctors with his ideas,11 I really don’t consider the technological know-how has innovative to the point that implantable microchips are remaining utilized as mind-equipment interfaces to control your thoughts. But what does exist these days are vaccine passports, which can development to electronic IDs, which then lead to central financial institution electronic currencies (CBDC) — the endgame.

CBDCs look to be unavoidable it’s not a issue of if they’re heading to have them, but when. As soon as CBDCs become popular, they’ll be ready to management all the things, as it will be complicated to survive devoid of them. They never have to set a microchip in your arm to get this immeasurable control — they’ll be equipped to keep track of and command your each individual go by means of CBDCs.

Develop Your Personalized Resilience

Optimizing your health is a single of the finest steps you have to create your particular resilience in opposition to regardless of what new danger could appear your way. I outlined three prime priorities in the video clip, which incorporate:

1. Stay clear of seed oils in your diet regime — Seed oils, which are typically referred to as vegetable oils, are hidden in almost every processed meals, which includes restaurant meals, except you can verify the chef is cooking only with butter. There is almost practically nothing far more destructive to your system in generating heart disorder, cancer, age-similar macular degeneration, diabetic issues, being overweight and dementia.12

Even if you reduce out processed foodstuff and other significant seed-oil offenders like sauces and salad dressings at eating places, you can however be strike by these pernicious contaminants because they’re concealed in ostensibly “healthy” foods like chicken and pork. These animals are fed grains loaded with the omega-6 excess fat linoleic acid, which is uncovered in most seed oils and brings about health damage when consumed at the abnormal levels that are prevalent today.

Lots of men and women take in masses of chicken mainly because it is perceived as a health food items and it’s reasonably priced, but it is a main supply of linoleic acid. In your possess cooking, examples of healthful fat to use in its place of seed oils are beef tallow, butter or coconut oil.

2. Stay clear of iron overload — If you are male or a postmenopausal female, iron overload can set your well being at hazard. As a potent oxidizer, iron can injury your tissues and impair mitochondrial perform. Your human body has limited ability to excrete iron, which will allow it to construct up in your organs, such as your heart, liver and pancreas.

Adult males and postmenopausal females can minimize their possibility of iron overload by donating blood two or a few periods a yr. It is an helpful and cheap solution that will also enable other individuals.

3. Get common sun publicity — Receiving outdoor in the sunlight, exposing as substantially of your bare pores and skin as doable, is the ideal way to make sure your vitamin D stages are optimized. When you get sun publicity, it also increases the active form of vitamin A along with mitochondrial melatonin, a profoundly crucial antioxidant within your mitochondria that lessens oxidative tension.

De-Google Your self

You do not have to be on Google.com to threat your privateness and be surveilled. It is a lot more pernicious than this, as your facts can be captured whilst you’re, for instance, talking on your phone. Apps can keep track of and acquire your facts, which is then utilised to fundamentally brainwash you.

It’s feasible to de-Google your cellphone by obtaining an Android cellphone that does not have a Google operating program, but you are going to have to have to obtain a qualified IT man or woman who can reformat your cellphone’s difficult generate. You can additional aid defend your privateness and struggle back again against the transhumanism movement by staying away from any and all Google goods. This incorporates:

  • Cease using Google look for engines. Try out Brave search engine instead.
  • Uninstall Google Chrome and use Courageous browser as an alternative, out there for all personal computers and cell units. It blocks ads and shields your privateness.
  • If you have a Gmail account, check out a non-Google electronic mail services as an alternative these kinds of as ProtonMail,13 an encrypted email provider based mostly in Switzerland.
  • Prevent using Google docs.
  • If you’re a large school scholar, do not change the Google accounts you made as a scholar into own accounts.