Here are some tips for finding a healthy screen time balance

Dr. Charles Maker

Dr. Charles Maker

Know-how can have several advantages: It can join us with loved ones, give us entry to on the web workout routines and aid us navigate to exactly where we need to have to go. But too much screen time can adversely affect your bodily and psychological well being. In this article are some tips for finding a healthier balance.  

How too a lot display time can impact your wellness 

Expending too much time in front of a display — irrespective of whether it is your smartphone, pc, pill or television—can negatively affect your bodily and psychological perfectly-staying.  

Mental health:  Too much time on social media and the net can overwhelm your senses, have an affect on your attention span and lead to thoughts of comparison and jealousy. This stress can lead to low self-esteem, self-impression challenges, decreased contentment, fear of missing out (FOMO), worsened ADHD indications, anxiety and depression. According to research, large net end users are a lot more than two times as possible to be depressed than their peers who use the web significantly less often.