How To Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Prepare for plastic surgery with these helpful tips!

Getting plastic surgery can be a daunting prospect. If it is your first time getting restorative or reconstructive surgery, it might be difficult to know how you need to prepare. These tips will help you be ready for your surgery day and the recovery. 

Make Healthy Choices

Giving up alcohol or smoking can help massively in the lead up to getting plastic surgery. Alcohol and cigarettes can massively hinder your recovery and even lead to complications within theatre. Nicotine prevents oxygen from getting to cells, and restricts blood flow, which can be very dangerous when you’re under the knife. Alcohol isn’t as dangerous as smoking, but consuming within two weeks of surgery can thin the blood and make you more likely to have a dangerous surgery. Making better lifestyle choices can make your surgery much safer. 

Change Your Diet

Eating plenty of lean meats and fish can boost your immune system and build up the natural healing properties in your body, which can be extremely beneficial during the healing period. Consuming fibre-rich foods and fruit and vegetables can aid your digestion and optimise your healing. Avoiding sodium rich and sugary foods can help reduce swelling, which will help your healing period massively. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your body healthy and recover more quickly after surgery- hydration is important. 

Trust Your Surgeon

If you are thinking you are the exception to the rule, think again. Follow exactly what the surgeon has told you- they’ve been doing these surgeries for many years! If you feel like exercising earlier than suggested or taking medications on the ‘do not take’ list, remember that your surgeon knows best, and it’s for your own safety. 

Prepare Your Home

Make sure you have meals prepared or arranged, and plenty of magazines and films to keep you entertained during your recovery period. It is important to make sure you prioritise your rest during this time. You’ll want to be off your feet, and making sure your daily routines are taken care of and you have plenty to entertain yourself with during this period is extremely beneficial when preparing for surgery. 

Make Your Arrangements

If you’re having a mummy makeover, it might be an idea to arrange for someone to pick your children up from school/nursery, or arrange childcare during the day. It can be difficult to go about your everyday routine while recovering from surgery, so you might want to consider this before your surgery day. 

Prioritise Your Healing

Don’t try to do too much too soon! Your healing is the most important thing, or you might undo all of the surgeon’s work, or make yourself ill. Not prioritising your healing can be extremely detrimental to your health- for a successful surgery, look after yourself and make your healing imperative. 

If you’re thinking of getting plastic surgery in Manchester, make sure you’re well prepared. 

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