How to treat high blood pressure without ruining your sex life?

How to treat high blood pressure without ruining your sex life

The vessels get damaged due to enhanced blood pressure which results in a lessening of the flow of the blood in the body. The reduced flow impacts the sex lives of males and females. 

The influence of high blood pressure in males is quite visible as compared to females. The erectile dysfunction happens when the adequate flow is not delivered to the penis for an erection. It is the symptom that states that you might be suffering from blood pressure and other serious health conditions. 

Males with high blood pressure suffer from poor penile flow than males with normal blood pressure.  High blood pressure influences billions of people and is the leading cause of death. The doctor and dieticians advised reducing the salt intake, less use of alcohol, controlling weight, and limiting smoking. The patients need treatment with medicines for preventing other serious ailments like stroke, death, and cardiac disease. The males often stop taking medicines as they think that there is a risk of ED. 

What is ED?

It is a sexual disorder that comes with many therapies. The treatment methods are lifestyle modifications, counseling, device, medicines like Cenforce 100, and natural remedies.  Careful monitoring is done and a medical professional will select the treatment according to your health condition. I am discussing how ED can be treated

  • Lifestyle changes- The lifestyle changes can be performed both in terms of mental and physical. The modifications can improve the outcome naturally.
  • Exercise- Regular physical activity improvises circulation and reduces diabetes, cardiac disease, and obesity. 
  • Lose weight- Excess body fat leads to conversion of testosterone to estrogen and inflammation. Obese males suffer from ED and hence, it is a must to reduce excess weight.
  • Stop smoking- Smoking inhibits the flow of blood to the penis and sustains an erection. Smokers are at risk of ED. The health benefits like reduced diabetes and cardiac disease are key reasons for ED. 
  • Eat- if you have an ailment like erectile dysfunction then the doctor can prescribe you to take Fildena 100. Also, the dietician will tell you to include vegetables, fruits, grains, and fewer dairy products in the diet. You must adopt healthy habits that will benefit you in long run. 
  • Teeth- You must take care of teeth as the study showed that periodontitis can lead to an increase in ED. 
  • Prescription medicines- The PDE5 inhibitors function by increasing Nitric Oxide effects and allowing flow to the penis. The doctor will ask you to buy medicines like Vidalista 20.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy- If you have a low quantity of testosterone then you can be asked to go for it. 
  • Implants and pumps- The option is a vacuum pump that is used on the penis. The air gets sucked from the tube creating pressure and causing blood forced inside the penis. The penile implant is another option for treating erectile dysfunction. 
  • Low-intensity shock wave- The therapy helps to deliver sound waves and enhance blood flow. 
  • Counseling- The study showed that medicines and counseling provide improved sex function and satisfaction. 

A study that showed a link between antihypertensive and erectile dysfunction

The males with hypertension are at the risk of having impaired penile flow and ED. The high pressure destroys the vessel’s wall and results in narrowing and hardening of them. ED is an initial warning sign. It is been demonstrated in clinical studies that beta blockers and diuretics are connected with the destruction of sex function.  A study of 356 male subjects with ED and no previous history of heart disease or diabetes was studied. 

The entire subjects were divided into three categories depending on their blood pressure hypertension, high-normal and normal. Around 46 percent of male subjects were treated with antihypertensive.  All the male subjects undergo penile Doppler ultrasound as a typical technology for erectile dysfunction. The method also involved the injection of medicine in the penis base for opening the blood vessels.  The males not consumed antihypertensive medicines, and the penile flow was reduced with increasing blood pressure. The blood flow was rapid in the subjects with normal blood pressure The males that were consuming medicines for hypertension showed no difference in penile blood flow. 

Hence, the reduction in the penile flow in the three categories not consuming hypertension medicines showed alterations in the structure of penile vessels from hypertension. The differences in blood flow across three categories disappeared with therapy. These findings suggest that males with high blood pressure have destruction in penile arteries. Also, the addition of medicines for high blood pressure has reduced structural destruction and drugs could negatively influence the penile blood flow.  The males with untreated blood pressure are not perfect and must be used as per the prescription. The males with ED should be managed with precautions. 

Hence, if you have erectile dysfunction then you must take the doctor’s advice. It can be a sign that you are suffering from high blood pressure. The blood pressure also poses the problem of ED. There is a study that establishes the relation between hypertensive and ED. You must take the medicine with caution. 

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