Len Rome’s Local Health: Listeria and food

(WYTV)- Ice product, strawberries, packaged salads, even peanut butter, they’ve all have been in the information in recent months because of contamination.

Every week, the Centers for Sickness Regulate and Prevention investigates dozens of these scenarios.

Feeding on specified food items, these as undercooked meat and poultry, can make you unwell. They could be contaminated with salmonella or E. coli micro organism.

But what about dairy goods these kinds of as cheese and ice cream? Items created with uncooked milk can sometimes carry damaging germs which includes listeria.

“Listeria is a kind of micro organism that is usually transmitted by way of food items and food stuff solutions. it is specially a worry if you’re pregnant, if you’re elderly or if you have a weakened immune process for some motive,” stated Dr. Nipunie Rajapaske of the Mayo Clinic.

It is not just smooth provide that can induce listeria ailment. If you seem at all the outbreaks that have been noted in the very last couple decades, there’s truly a vast wide range of different food items, which includes some that we would assume of as remaining really healthier.

And all these outbreaks are, or at minimum really should be, claimed to the Facilities for Sickness Management. And the CDC has them on its web page.