Marriage Counselling – Helps Couples Understand Each Other Better

How Couple's Therapy & Marriage Counseling Can Help Your Relationship

We have seen many famous people go through marriage counselling. Some of these couples have become divorced and filed for divorce, while others have walked into a marriage counselling center to save their relationship.

Lessons from the past

Marriage counselling helps couples understand each other better. In addition to helping couples learn how to communicate better, it also helps them develop concrete skills for improving their relationships. In the end, couples will learn how to interact differently and make more positive choices in their relationships. However, couples who attend marriage counselling must follow through with what they learn in the sessions.

Help strengthen the relationship

Couples counselling Calgary can benefit from bringing up past arguments and other conflicts. While it can be uncomfortable to talk about such things, it will help strengthen the relationship and foster a deeper understanding. It also enables couples to look back with gratitude and empathy at the progress they’ve made. As a result, couples can resolve issues more productively and feel more love.

Effective communication

Effective communication is an essential aspect of a healthy marriage. Without good communication, couples can reach a deadlock in their relationships. Effective counselling will help partners improve their communication skills and eliminate harmful communication habits. For example, partners can learn to stop interrupting each other, speaking too much, or ignoring one another. They can also confront underlying issues in their relationship that may be causing the conflict.

Symptoms of marital problems

While there are many causes of marital distress, the most common problem is poor communication. Unhappy spouses often feel that their partners make too many demands or withdraw completely. As a result, they avoid discussing their concerns, which often leads to arguments or negative behaviour. Worse, they often blame their partner for events that do not fit into their normal behaviour.


The best way to approach your spouse about marital problems is to be calm, clear, and non-directive. A condescending or angry tone of voice can make your spouse become defensive and shut down. Instead, use a non-threatening approach and write your spouse a letter explaining your concerns in a non-emotional way.


Another common cause of marital problems is extramarital affairs. An affair can lead to many issues and is not something to take lightly. If you and your spouse are involved in extramarital affairs, it’s crucial to seek marriage counselling.

Methods of marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is a process in which a marriage counsellor provides advice on how to improve the relationship between the couple. It has many benefits for both partners, including the ability to improve communication skills and confront unhealthy behaviours. It helps couples build mutual respect and understanding and learn to respect and listen to each other’s needs and wishes. It also helps couples become more accountable for one another and break bad habits.


During counselling sessions, couples are asked to tell their stories to the counsellor. The counsellor encourages them to examine and rewrite the bad aspects of their relationship. The counsellor helps them to realise that their problems are not the sum of who they are. This allows them to make realistic decisions based on their personal experiences.


counselling sessions generally last 45 minutes. The goal of each session is to increase communication and understanding among partners. In a typical session, couples discuss the past, the relationship, and their childhood homes. The counsellor will also discuss strategies to improve communication and understanding between the partners.

The success rate of marriage counselling

According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the success rate of marriage counselling has increased by almost a quarter in the past two decades. This increased success rate may be attributed to several factors, including the therapist’s skill level and the specific factors involved in a couple’s unique situation. While marriage counselling is not a silver bullet, it is a good choice for couples who have tried other approaches to resolve their problems. The vast majority of couples who attend marriage counselling find the sessions effective and report satisfaction with the outcome.


Some couples have reported experiencing intense emotional outbursts during their sessions, which is completely normal. However, the point of marriage counselling is to create a safe space for the partners to share their feelings and learn how to better communicate with one another. Generally, marriage counselling sessions are short, lasting only a few weeks or months.

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