Take the Pledge – #YesYouScan!

Take the Pledge – #YesYouScan!

Thank you for taking the #YesYouScan pledge! By simply just adding your identify to the hundreds of other individuals fully commited to optimal bone wellness, you are elevating recognition of the great importance of preventive screenings!

And do not stress — we won’t be pursuing up with you and will just just take your word for it!

Your personal information will not be shared.

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    1. I’m pledging to get my DXA scan to superior fully grasp my threat of #osteoporosis. Share this write-up to really encourage your cherished kinds to get a DXA scan too! #YesYouScan
    2. The terrible news: Osteoporosis is usually termed the silent disorder since you just can’t truly feel your bones obtaining weaker. The excellent information: A DXA scan will help you evaluate your risk of this ailment. #YesYouScan www.healthywomen.org/yesyouscan


    1. I’m pledging to get control of my wellbeing and reduce #osteoporosis, setting up with a DXA scan. RT if you are with me. #YesYouScan
    2. #DYK osteoporosis can guide to much more hospitalizations and bigger #healthcare fees than coronary heart attack, stroke or breast most cancers combined? Pledge to get a DXA scan and far better realize your hazard. www.healthywomen.org/yesyouscan


    1. I’m receiving a DXA scan to improved comprehend my danger of osteoporosis, a ailment that impacts 54 million Americans. Completely ready to get handle of your bone wellness? #YesYouScan! Insert to your tale if you’re with me.
    2. I have the electrical power to comprehend my bone health and fitness and assess my threat for #osteoporosis. So can you! It starts with a DXA scan. #YesYouScan consider manage of your bone overall health. Study how: www.healthywomen.org/yesyouscan

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