What Problems Can Dental Veneers Fix? 

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that can be fitted over your teeth to hide imperfections. They’re made from a variety of materials, could be Porcelain or composite resin materials, but the most common type is resin composite. It’s a type of plastic that can be painted or stained to match your natural teeth, this is because it helps you achieve that look you have always wanted. Depending on their size and shape, and A professional  veneers new hyde park dentist can help you achieve that.

Repair chipped or stained teeth

If your teeth have been chipped or stained by coffee, cigarettes or another factor, you can cover up those imperfections with veneers. They’re also a good option if you have large fillings, which can make your teeth look smaller. If your teeth have been ground down or misshaped by disease or injury, visiting a veneers hyde park dentist to get some new veneers would benefit you. You may also be a good candidate if you have highly visible teeth, and you want to make them less noticeable.

Fix crooked or misaligned teeth

Professional Lake success dentist support that dental veneers can also be used to correct misaligned teeth and make them more attractive. You do not need to wear braces for months or years to achieve perfect teeth again.  If you have a gap between your two front teeth, for example, you might want to close it with veneers to make your smile more even. A misalignment between your teeth and your gum line may also require veneers, along with orthodontic retainer wires and a retainer retort

Hide gaps in your smile

If you’re missing teeth, you can repair your smile with dental veneers. They can be used to cover gaps between your teeth and make them look natural. An expert dentist in Hyde park ny knows the proper alignment of the teeth and knows a way to make the veneers cover up any gaps or holes present. If you’ve had a tooth removed and need a replacement, veneers are a good option because they match your other teeth. If you’ve had a root canal or a filling removed, you can replace it with a dental crown that’s designed to blend in with your veneers. Veneers can also match the colour of your crown, making the filling less noticeable. Sometimes you may have a rather large gap in your tooth and veneers may not be the right option at that moment.

Even out discoloured teeth

Most times you have tried to use the best toothpaste to achieve teeth whiteness but it seems not to be working. If you have discoloured teeth, veneers can help even out their colour. This option is often used to treat teeth stained by tobacco, coffee and other factors. Dental veneers are glazed and this gives them a shiny look and even makes them resistant to stains.

Fix dental irregularities

Dental veneers can also be used to fix irregularities in your teeth, such as gaps between your teeth or a misaligned bite. They can also be helpful if you have an overbite or an underbite, or misaligned teeth. Also, if you have a minor crowded tooth that appears in front of each other. Veneers can help straighten them out. Sometimes you may present with a major overcrowding of your teeth, you would have to consult your dentist for a proper solution to that.


Overall, dental veneers are a great way to improve your smile and fix dental imperfections. Keep in mind that they require a long and sometimes expensive process; you’ll need to wear temporary veneers while you’re waiting for your permanent veneers to be made. Dental veneers are a worthy investment you can make to improve your oral health and grant you the perfect smile you desire.

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