Zahav emerging as an industry leader on the rise, focusing on natural and organic health products and functional mushrooms.

Zahav has established its name exponentially as the industry leader in organic, high-quality vegan Non- GMO functional mushroom supplements.

Pembroke Pines, FL – May 24, 2022 – Zahav, based in the South of Florida, is the one-stop-shop for industry-leading, organic vegan and Non-GMO functional mushroom products for high-quality organic mushroom supplements. Different varieties of gummies, matcha, and so much more. The company offers a selection of all-natural organic functional mushroom products made accessible and available. 

Zahav is “Gold” in Hebrew translation. Gold signifies richness, power, and composure. It stabilizes the emotional system, alleviates tension and stress, and amplifies positive feelings. This is what Zahav embodies too many—bringing natural comfort that is beneficial to its consumers. 

Zahav was founded by Daniel Ellis, Arby Barroso (previous founder of Green Roads CBD), and Hussein Rakine (former founder and CEO of JustCBD). All three innovators are alternative health enthusiasts and entrepreneurs that aim to introduce benefits reaped from natural and organic alternative health options. Functional mushrooms have been well known for their beneficial health properties for a long time. It is making its mark as an alternative health option.  

High-quality and naturally organic products that offer alternative health options and benefits are part of the wonders that Zahav securely provides—instilled in each of its products. 

Zahav’s BLUE LOTUS SLEEP AID GUMMIES and BLUE LOTUS EXTRACT CAPSULES are packed with Blue Lotus Extract and  antioxidants, help improve the quality of sleep, and may reduce anxiety. 

Zahav’s LION’S MANE MUSHROOM GUMMIES may improve memory loss and brain function, improve focus, and speed up recovery from nervous system injuries. 

Zahav’s ORGANIC REISHI MUSHROOM GUMMIES are immunity boosters, stress relievers, high antioxidant potency, and good cholesterol.  

Zahav’s MATCHA LATTE FUNCTIONAL MUSHROOM are energy enhancers suitable for stress relief, immune support, and memory and brain function. 

Zahav’s LION’S MANE + CHAGA MUSHROOM CAPSULES help fight inflammation, improve immune system function, and may lower blood sugar and cholesterol.  

Zahav’s REISHI & TURKEY TAIL CAPSULES are also packed with antioxidants, contain Immune-Boosting Polysaccharopeptide, and may enhance gut health and may reduce inflammation. 

Consumption is offered in varieties. Customers and enthusiasts of functional mushrooms can choose from capsules, gummies, and matcha supplements to suit their needs and preferences. All of Zahav’s company products are provided with COA accreditation.  

“Zahav’s strong commitment and focus on working with only the highest grade, organic and Non-GMO functional mushroom keeps it ahead of the curve in the natural supplement business.”  

Daniel Ellis (Zahav, co-founder) 

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For more information regarding Zahav and its products, you may email [email protected] or visit the website 

Located at 21050 Sheridan St. Pembroke Pines, FL 33332. 

Instagram: @shopzahav

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