Anal Fissure Skin Tags: How can you diagnose & Treat them


The anal fissure is a small tear near the outline that is very hard to see especially if your stool is soft. The main reason behind the fissure is passing hard stool that puts pressure on the anal opening and causes the tear. Other reasons are diarrhea, dry stool, infection & excessive wiping in that area. These can be very painful particularly when you are not able to pass the hard stool & you have to push which increases the size of the fissure.  

On the other hand, the anal tags are the little lumps of skin that you will near the outer side of the anal opening. These generally do not cause any pain or discomfort. A skin tag is usually smooth, skin-colored & soft & these are common among people with face issues like constipation, anal fissures, and hemorrhoids. So, if you too have these fissures and tags, make sure that you go for an anal fissure skin tag removal procedure to stay safe from infection, bleeding, or abscess. 

How can you know it’s a fissure or tag or anything else?

  • If you feel excessive pain while passing the stool or even after that, it’s a fissure
  • If you find blood on the top of your stool
  • If you find a tear or crack in the anal canal
  • If you find foul smelly discharge 
  • If you find blood on the toilet wipes
  • If you feel a burning or itchy sensation near the anal area
  • If you always feel constipated 
  • If you feel burning or pain while passing the urine

In all these cases it’s an anal fissure 

Moreover, if you 

  • If you find a skin growth near the anal area
  • If you find a polyp near the outer layer of the anal skin 
  • If you find skin sagging in the downward direction

Yes, it is an anal skin tag. However, if you want to examine it yourself, then it can be a bit confusing to tell whether it’s a skin tag, wart or fissure, or anything else. You need to go to a good colorectal surgeon who shall examine it properly and can tell you exactly what it is. 

Procedure for anal fissure skin tag removal:

Before you decide to remove the anal fissure or tag, you must know one important thing i.e., Consult the best colorectal surgeon who can help you with the best treatment plan and has a good track record in his profession. If you could not find or ignore this advice, there are possible chances that you may face trouble during your treatment. So, to avoid such issues and keep things safe, you must check whether the doctor is skilled enough to take your case or not. 

Now, the main procedure that can help you get rid of anal fissures and tags is to go for surgery, especially in cases like:

  • Excessive Bleeding from the anal area: If you are bleeding frequently, it indicates that you need to see a surgeon now and get it removed. There is no fun in waiting for a long as the only option you have is to get rid of it as soon as possible. The bleeding will not stop on its own till you take proper medicines and use some ointment that can soothe that area and give you time to go to the hospital and get it removed. 
  • Foul Smelling Discharge: If you find the foul-smelling discharge oozing out of your anal area, you must book a consultation with your doctor because it may be coming out of the infected fissure. Your doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics that can reduce the infection and give a clear vision of what is happening around the fissure. 
  • Excessive swelling and excruciating pain: If you feel excessive swelling near the anal area and a lot of unbearable pain, then it’s the right time to go to the top colorectal surgeon who can examine the condition and advise proper treatment for it. In these conditions, some people are not even able to sit on a chair or any hard surface. They feel that pressure which increases the pain and causes a lot of discomforts. 

Precautions to be taken at home: 

  • Along with the treatment, you need to take some precautions at home. 
  • Include a lot of fiber in your diet or take fiber supplements that shall make the stool soft and easy to pass through. 
  • Always use petroleum jelly or any lubricant before you go to pass the stool, it will avoid cuts and bleeding. 
  • Always keep your anal area clean and wipe it well with an antiseptic liquid. 


Anal fissures and tags are common & to keep these in control, you just have one option i.e., surgery. So, find a good surgeon, book an appointment, and see what he will advise you. I am sure that you will get the best treatment for it. All you need is to put some effort and take the decision. It is a same-day procedure, and you can go back to your place just after a few hours of surgery. So, don’t wait & save the date now!