Anxiety and Depersonalization Fueled By Energy Drinks

Anxiety and Depersonalization Fueled By Energy Drinks

Consumer alert, as loosely regulated, highly commercialized energy drinks are victimizing those who believe the hype. Serious health issues are being noted by innocent consumers who bought into the false claims surrounding these potentially dangerous drinks.

The ingredients of high energy drinks revolve around massive doses of caffeine, inordinate amounts of sugar and other unnecessary so-called vitamins. Two small drinks containing the “vitamin rich” ingredients often lead to severe reactions such as vitamin toxicity, especially concerning B vitamins (B6 and Niacin). Another ingredient known as Guarana is basically another form of caffeine, adding to the existing overload of caffeine in this potentially dangerous cocktail. This adds up to concentrated doses of caffeine, greater by nearly nine times the amount in coffee. This is not only risky to those who are already prone to anxiety but dangerous to one’s physical health as well.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks

– Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Increase in DP and OCD symptoms.

– Serious Heart Problems including cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac contractions and cardiac arrest.

– Dehydration caused by extreme sugar content.

– Insomnia, nocturnal panic attacks, sleep disturbances. heart shakes.

– High Blood Pressure

– Tremors

– Irritability

– Mood Swings

– Vitamin Toxicity

– Palpitations

These so-called energy enhancers create more mental and physical problems than the imaginary benefits they offer. Sadly, many are drawn in by the commercialization of these products and victimized by very frightening reactions.

B vitamins are helpful when taken correctly but it has been cited that merely two energy drinks have resulted in levels greater than daily recommended allowances, resulting in flushing of skin and often B6 toxicity. High sugar levels impair absorption of fluids in the body and often lead to dehydration.

Emergency rooms are filled with those who believed a little energy boost would help them negotiate their day, only to experience severe, interfering symptoms of anxiety, panic, unreality and contractions of the heart.

Most deal with occasional sleepless nights, hoping to summon additional energy the next morning but have learned it is best to deal with fatigue through a more natural approach.

Fatigue Busters:

– Drink plenty of hydrating fluids.

– Moderate exercise, preferably outdoors.

– Nutritious Meals, (lean protein, whole grain and fresh fruits)

– Do not skip meals.

– Frequent Exercise breaks.

– Proper rest and full night sleep.

– Stress Reducing Techniques

– Sunlight

– Breathing corrections.

– Hot beverage, rather than highly caffeinated drinks

– Correct Circadian Rhythm by healthier sleep routines.

An overload of caffeine seems to last interminably long for anyone who is prone to anxiety reactions. Therefore, these highly caffeinated formulas must be avoided at all costs by anyone with a history of anxiety or anxiety related conditions such as depersonalization, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or irritable bowel syndrome.

Above all, Buyer Beware when it comes to these potentially dangerous products. Read the warnings and believe them. Any product with the capability to interfere with the rhythm of one’s heart and/or central nervous system is not to be treated lightly.

An informed consumer is a smart one. Avoid these difficulties before they begin by knowing the truth behind the products and knowing yourself. Most of these emergency room episodes are clearly avoidable when one investigates common adverse reactions to these potentially dangerous formulas and goes deeper than the deluge of commercialized hype.

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