Columbia schools work to address anxiety, depression among students

Susan Perkins, Columbia Public Schools elementary counseling coordinator, talks about the effect the pandemic has had on elementary schoolchildren, their parents and teachers.

For youngsters, the return to usual isn’t really normal, explained Susan Perkins, elementary university counseling coordinator for Columbia Public Faculties.

“We endured a good deal of trauma over the previous couple of many years and we are however coming out of it,” Perkins stated.

College counselors are viewing anxiousness and despair amid students, like social stress and separation stress and anxiety, she stated. The mental health concerns viewed in pupils are like those noticed in culture at large.

Some of the student difficulties predated the pandemic, and some were exacerbated by the pandemic, Perkins reported.

Children need to have stability and count on adults to offer it, but grownups also are in flux, she reported.

“I believe it is really extra of a generalized nervousness,” Perkins reported. “We’ve endured so several changes. We have lived in a pretty unpredictable time of lifetime.”