Is There Any Treatment Available For Multiple Lipomas?

We talk about skin issues the most since they disturb a person the most. Skin issues have a habit of bringing diverse tissues out from the skin. And thus, they appear bad on your normal-looking skin. In addition to this, some skin issues only grow beneath the skin. It also means that their enlargement is always covered by the skin like an elevated path. 

Lipomas are tissues that happen to grow within your skin. And once the time passes you will observe your skin lifting to accommodate these lipomas. However it is highly recommended to get them treated on time with lipoma specialists like  There is nothing such as multiple lipomas but them growing in several quantities within your skin. 

What are Lipomas? 

You have read a brief introduction above but it is time we elaborate on the truth about lipomas. Skin issues result from tissues and cells that grow inside your body. Some cells and tissues explode the skin and grow on the outside. You can feel them containing a filled fluid that makes them stiffer and firmer over time. It will also be easier to observe pain and itchiness once these cells and tissues rub against your clothes. 

However, lipomas are contrasting to your regular cell issues such as those that grow outside your skin. A lipoma extension feels like a semi-circle ball that grows with the skin. Or, they happen to be the cells and tissues that are constantly covered by the skin. There is no specific age for a lipoma to grow. From studies and experiences, doctors may tell you that their growth is significant between 40 and 60 years of age. 

But in truth, there is no fixed age for a lipoma to grow and develop. In addition to this, babies born straightaway can accommodate lipoma on their skin. When you observe and learn about lipoma as a threat, there is no evidence of it. Lipomas are highly unlikely to trouble you apart from them being stiffer. Hence, you can happen to feel itchiness when lipomas grow. 

Symptoms of Lipoma 

Lipomas do not trouble you directly or even indirectly. They happen to only cause a sense of stiffness and itchiness when they grow close to a nerve or develop near a joint. 

But symptoms of lipoma are highly unlikely to follow or remain true to their development. It is since there are many cases when a patient does not observe any symptoms when they are suffering from lipoma. But in general, these are lipoma symptoms: 

  • Lipomas do not happen to extend or grow around the tissues surrounding them. 
  • Painful lipomas are not common but it depends on their growth. For example, closer to the nerves and joints is where they happen to trouble you. 
  • Their shape and size are not symmetrical. They can grow in any diameter and any shape oval or circular. 
  • It is not that lipomas are extremely or close to stiff. They are moveable but only once you touch them. 
  • Also, their width can be large, for example closer to 6 inches. 

Where do Lipomas grow? 

Just like the age factor, a lipoma usually grows in distinct areas. But you cannot predict where they cannot grow. It is since a skin issue can grow anywhere on the skin but you must identify and keep the areas of concern in check. Another thing to note with a lipoma is that a person majorly only suffers from a single lipoma. But there can be cases where a person suffers from more than one lipomas. 

Common places of lipoma growth include:

  • Legs 
  • Arms 
  • Torso 
  • Neck 
  • Shoulders 
  • Back 
  • Chest 
  • Forehead 

Uncommon places of lipoma growth include: 

  • Muscles 
  • Brain 
  • Internal organs 

How Lipoma is Caused? 

Your lipoma can grow anywhere on the body but certain remains of high interest. Moreover, the growth of lipoma is not limited to certain diseases or disorders. Different disorders happen to offer the growth of lipoma and we will be highlighting them. In addition to this, most skin issues including lipomas are often passed through a family trend. It means you are closer to encountering lipoma if someone from your family has it. But here are some conditions that cause lipomas.

  • Dercum’s Disease

It is a rare disorder that results in a painful lipoma to grow mostly on arms, trunks, and legs. Anders’ syndrome is another name for dercum’s disease. 

  • Gardner Syndrome 

This syndrome and disorder results in lipomas but generally are not painful. In addition to this, other diseases will also grow alongside lipomas. 

  • Hereditary Multiple Lipomatosis 

This is a disorder that is transmitted or forwarded down through families.


Growth, development, and enlargement of lipomas happen to be the cause of people suffering from disorders. In addition to this, treating them is also simple, and the best part is that this skin issue does not trouble you. Thus, a simple treatment can take these away.

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