Panic Disorder Treatment – Get Rid of Panic Attacks and High Levels of Anxiety With These Tips

Panic Disorder Treatment – Get Rid of Panic Attacks and High Levels of Anxiety With These Tips

Being hit by panic disorder is like being washed away in the sea of fear and anxiety. It can happen everywhere – in the supermarket while you’re out and about buying groceries, or at the office while you’re in the middle of an important report. You couldn’t get more scared than when you’re having a panic attack. Your blood seems to rise, your pulse quickens, and you breathe heavily. It is important to see a physician and seek panic disorder treatment if you have current health conditions that could be aggravated by this episode.

There are some coping techniques that you can perform in the middle of a panic disorder. The first is muscle relaxation which involves all major muscle groups in your body like the legs, shoulders, and arms. Tense your arms and hold it for about ten second then release. The same goes with your legs and shoulders. As you do this, don’t forget to take deep breaths because breathing is an important aspect of relaxation.

Being able to talk to someone is also a great panic disorder treatment. Making a human connection can work wonders in releasing all the stress and anxiety that you’re feeling. Make sure you talk to someone you trust, because you cannot really let go unless you’re with a person you’re totally comfortable with. If there’s no one around, try to keep your mind company by thinking only of the good things in life like that scheduled vacation which is a few weeks away.

Not sure about your anxiety diagnosis? Check out the infographic below to see if you are experiencing symptoms of general anxiety or panic attacks.

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Infographic created by MD Infusions, a provider of ketamine therapy benefits

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