Period panties? Everything you need to know about menstrual underwear

Period panties? Everything you need to know about menstrual underwear

Period panties – if you have not nonetheless heard of them, the time is now. Healthista finds out more about period underwear, its benefits and our favorite brands 

The buzz surrounding time period panties continues to expand, but if you’re even now doubtful particularly what period underwear is, we’re in this article to make clear additional as well as we want to share with you the manufacturers we rely on and have tried using for ourselves.

On regular, just one lady will use approximately 11,000 disposable sanitary products in the course of her life span.

Which is fairly a stunning statistic considering that just one particular disposable pad contains the similar quantity of plastic as 4 plastic bags.

a person disposable pad includes the same total of plastic as four plastic luggage

‘Plastic bags take up to 500 many years to decompose in our landfills, just before breaking down into micro plastics that pollute our oceans, rivers, shorelines and contaminate our drinking water,’ warns Paige Fashoni – Founder of FLUX Underwear.

‘By switching from typical interval solutions to reusable eco-friendly period of time products and solutions like period trousers, you can lessen your menstrual waste by a whopping 99.5 for each cent!’

Not only are period panties poisonous absolutely free and give us one particular much less detail to be concerned about when it will come to the cocktail of contaminants we pollute our bodies with on a every day basis, but in the end they enable you to do suitable by the natural environment thanks to their sustainable characteristics.

Here’s why you really should ditch the commercial models and modernise your sanitary practices…

You will stay away from toxic substances identified in our present-day sanity products

‘Testing of standard disposable sanitary towels and tampons around the several years have uncovered various harmful toxic compounds and chemicals,’ reveals Fashoni.

‘The principal contaminants contain pesticide residues, dioxins, parabens, plastics and fragrance chemical substances. These have been joined to a selection of various issues, these as most cancers, hormone disruption, reproductive harm and pores and skin irritation’.

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You will steer clear of the risk of poisonous shock syndrome

‘Toxic shock syndrome is brought on by a style of bacterial an infection, exclusively Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria,’ claims Fashoni.

‘While there is no one bring about, there are some factors that can raise your threat, including the use of tampons. When tampons or other interval merchandise like menstrual cups, are still left in the vagina for extended amounts of time, this can create a breeding ground for bacteria, and when the microorganisms receives out of hand, it can result in poisonous shock syndrome.

‘The signs of poisonous shock syndrome can occur on extremely suddenly and can include things like significant fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. It is a major infection which needs urgent health-related awareness.

when the micro organism receives out of hand, it can cause toxic shock syndrome

‘You can cut down your chance of poisonous shock syndrome by taking away inner products and solutions like tampons and menstrual cups often, or by employing interval products and solutions that are external, these kinds of as sanitary towels, reusable interval pads or time period underwear’.

You’ll also be serving to the surroundings

‘Using reusable possibilities these as period of time underwear can be kinder to your entire body as merchandise like ours at FLUX Lingerie are tender and light on the skin, containing no poisons or chemicals,’ Fashoni advises.

‘You do need to have to be mindful when looking as some period of time underwear can include PFAS or silver, made use of as an antibacterial application.

‘As stated ahead of, reusable period solutions like our period of time underwear are kinder to the environment as they can be utilised month following month, replacing hundreds of disposable pads and tampons from heading to landfill’.

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Healthista’s favourite period of time panties…

#1 FLUX Undies

flux undies period panties

FLUX Undies are a British-centered time period pant pioneer. Developing sustainable, at ease interval products designed with operate in thoughts.

Kinder to your skin, the resources they use are Oeko-tex qualified, that means they are cost-free from any nasties and protected to set on your most delicate and personal pieces.

They are also PETA-accepted vegan goods – the lingerie derive from 100 per cent fabric and are cruelty-cost-free.

Rates get started from £16.95



MODIBODI period panties

We like Modibodi for its seamless assortment, applying the softest most breathable components.

The mix of Modifier Air Technological know-how and Merino wool, offers super moisture wicking absorbency, is gentle on pores and skin, obviously antimicrobial and anti-odour for added freshness.

Price ranges start from £17.50


#3 Saalt

saalt underwear period panties

Saalt is the world’s initially plastic detrimental time period treatment manufacturer, with a line of functionality time period underwear that absorbs up to 3 normal tampons truly worth of period of time flow – wow.

Dampness-wicking, antimicrobial levels and a leakproof barrier as perfectly as remaining super comfortable and the most classy time period use we have at any time noticed.

What can make Saalt Wear various is its dampness-separating gusset technological innovation that wicks absent wetness to hold buyers experience drier, longer.

Rates from £32



What about Menstrual Cups?

More people today are now recognising the environmental and personalized added benefits of switching to cups as properly as period panties.

The menstrual cup utilizes much less, wastes fewer, and is cleaner to produce.

A single menstruator generates an regular of 7.3 lbs of time period squander for every year, and as stated over will use over 11,000 disposable, a single-time-use menstrual merchandise over their reproductive life span.

A person menstrual cup diverts 3,000 tampons or pads from landfills and our oceans about 10 a long time of use. This doesn’t even think about the pressure on pure means that the manufacturing of so several tampons generates, and the carbon footprint of all that production.

saalt menstrual cup period panties

Menstrual cups are not only an earth-helpful solution, they offer you an in general extra cozy period of time experience.

The Saalt Cup is made of 100 for every cent healthcare-grade silicone that is risk-free to use, hypoallergenic and normally bio-appropriate, and for the reason that it doesn’t dry you like tampons or depart a moist natural environment like pads, applying the cup lessens the prospect of irritation or an infection while also sustaining your vagina all-natural PH.

They are odour absolutely free, snug, and reputable, given that the cup can be worn for up to 12 hrs to exercise, travel, and go about your day. Cups also final up to ten a long time which interprets into fewer waste and likely more than £1,000 in savings.

Saalt Cups are obtainable in two distinctive dimensions, catering for grownups and teenagers.

Saalt’s answer to retaining perfect hygiene and blocking an infection

We consider the finest way to shield oneself from toxic shock syndrome is to start out with training and the proper use and maintenance of menstrual cups.

It is important to clear and sanitize your cup often, and avoid the use of inserted time period solutions if you have cuts, sores, or an lively infection of any form.

Maintain correct cup cleanliness by:
  • Boiling your Saalt Cup for four to five minutes (no a lot more than 7 minutes).
  • Or wiping it carefully with 70 for each cent Isopropyl liquor to sanitize in in between durations.
  • Washing your storage bag by throwing it in with a load of laundry.
  • Cleansing your palms extensively prior to inserting or removing your cup.
  • Rinsing and cleaning your cup with chilly h2o or a Saalt Menstrual Cup Clean all through your time period.
Acquire a break from your menstrual cup if:
  • Your cup feels like it might be too huge. Signals of this involve overstretching your vaginal tissues when inserting and getting rid of, leading to tearing or bleeding unrelated to your time period.
  • You have a scratch, sore, or lower in your vaginal tissue.
  • You have an an infection this sort of as bacterial vaginosis, a yeast infection, or an active sexually transmitted infection.

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