ROMTech’s ® PortableConnect ®, Helping in America’s Recovery

If you need a knee or hip replacement, you may already be aware that a long post-op recovery period can be fraught with difficulties. Nobody wants to spend time in recovery, and unfortunately, the increased number of people having knee and hip replacements is leading to significant problems.

Fortunately, ROMTech’s ® Peter Arn, CEO, offers a solution: the PortableConnect ®. The PortableConnect ® is a device that knee and hip surgery patients can use at home to give their knee and hip gentle, healing-inducing exercise after their operation. It’s an effective and powerful device that has helped many patients already.

This article will help others understand how ROMTech’s ® innovative device is revolutionizing patient care in America and solving the recovery problems patients and the healthcare system face.

What Does The Recovery Process Look Like?

Recovering from a knee or hip replacement can be quite a lengthy process. It usually takes about 12 weeks (although some swelling and pain may continue longer). Patients will have to manage some of their care alone, with limited assistance from healthcare professionals in narrow windows of time.

Patients usually spend a few days in the hospital after the operation and then be discharged with recommendations regarding the exercises that they should be doing to increase joint mobility. 

Most patients are discharged after about three days, but some can go home as soon as one day after the surgery. It depends on the individual’s mobility.

Patients will then continue recovering from home, which many prefer and find easier than remaining in the hospital. However, some issues with this system can be hard to overcome – which we’ll explore below. The problems are:

  • Patients may need to access gym equipment, which makes the exercise process less flexible and harder to stick to. When recovering, it can be very challenging for patients with limited mobility to access things like stationary bikes. As exercise is recommended 2-3 times daily, this is often a significant barrier to recovery.
  • Many patients are at risk of addiction from the strong painkillers often prescribed to keep them moving and healing. Because traditional recovery methods are slow, painkillers may be needed for weeks. Getting over knee or hip surgery can take three months or more, which is long enough for addiction to be a noticeable risk.
  • Patients must see healthcare professionals throughout their recovery journey so that their healing can be monitored, their exercise routine tailored, and any issues dealt with. With limited mobility, it can be challenging for patients to travel and wait in healthcare buildings for appointments.

Overall, this process is not as effective and can be uncomfortable for individuals who must travel instead of staying home and resting. It can impede the recovery process, which may worsen the patient’s overall recovery.

How Does ROMTech ® Help?

This is where ROMTech’s ® PortableConnect ® comes in and offers solutions to all three of the issues discussed above. The PortableConnect ® is a device designed to help you exercise at home safely, comfortably, and conducive to recovery.

Patients can use it as an alternative to going to the gym to use equipment like stationary bikes. It is explicitly designed to improve knee and hip mobility, allowing patients to complete the exercises commonly recommended by healthcare professionals following knee and hip surgery. 

This means patients can more easily follow the exercise routine that will help them recover, which has been shown to speed up the recovery process. You can exercise whenever you need to, without leaving the house.

Furthermore, studies done by ROMTech ® indicate that the PortableConnect ® can speed up recovery and massively reduce knee or hip pain. This reduces the patient’s dependency on pain relief, lowering the strain on the healthcare system and allowing patients to enjoy a healthier recovery process with less risk of addiction issues arising.

The PortableConnect ® also solves the problem of traveling to see healthcare providers to monitor their healing. The device records the patient’s recovery process and can transmit relevant data to healthcare professionals. 

This makes it significantly easier for healthcare professionals to monitor a patient’s recovery process, step in if problems arise, and tailor their advice based on data – rather than brief checkups.

The PortableConnect ® has a telecommunication function, which allows you to video call your healthcare provider to discuss the data that has been transmitted. You can have a face-to-face appointment with your doctor from the comfort of your home, which is much easier, and far more efficient for both parties.

Therefore, ROMTech’s ® PortableConnect ® tackles many of the biggest problems currently in the knee/hip surgery recovery process – helping patients get better faster and with less pain.

Who Is Peter Arn?

Peter Arn is the CEO of ROM Technologies ™ and has been part of the company’s mission since its inception. He has raised over $20 million in funding for the company and is guiding its path in giving knee and hip surgery patients better options to reduce their pain and speed up their journey to recovery.

He is experienced in piloting startups and has devoted countless hours to the success of ROMTech ® so that the problems both patients and the healthcare system face during the post-op process can be mitigated. His work has seen the PortableConnect ® become a reality, helping patients recover daily, regain their independence, and live without pain.

Overall, ROMTech’s ® PortableConnect ® offers many benefits to knee or hip replacement patients. Using one of these devices can make it easier to exercise at home, reduce pain and significantly speed up your recovery. 

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