Secrets of Korean Glass Skin Face Treatment

By: Best in Singapore 

Secrets of Korean Glass Skin Face Treatment


Korean glass skin face treatment and other secrets of Korean cosmetics are some of the things that are at the forefront of beauty trends. Therefore, if you are a lover of skincare and are obsessed with luminous and beautiful skin, here we tell you those secrets, tricks and care of Korean cosmetics so that you can start putting them into practice on your face.

And it is that lately, Korean glass skin face treatment by Casa Beauty- Tampines, one of the pioneers of this CHANEL facial in Singapore. Using the FILLMED NCTF, a unique polyrevitalising solution containing more than 53 active ingredients to stimulate the metabolism of our skin cells, reversing at least five years off your face.

 Korean women’s skin is considered the brightest and healthiest on the planet; their appetite and criticism for skincare products and treatments are strict and difficult to impress. 


Why Is It Known As A Glass Skin?

It is known as glass skin because it appears poreless and always appears moist, luminous, and shiny. In short, it is clear and juicy skin. Ladies with this luminous skin needs little makeup and looks beautiful even with a bare face. 

Skincare Routine For Glass Skin


If you want to have healthy skin and achieve glass skin, in this note, we also tell you what products to use to achieve that characteristic glass skin. First, apply an oil-based cleanser; green tea is the most recommended, but replace it with an organ one if you don’t get it.

Use cleansing foam to cleanse your pores for smoother-looking skin thoroughly. Foam cleaners are super-efficient at removing excess oil from our faces. Then, exfoliate; it can be with a mask or with chemical exfoliation, which is far superior to mechanical exfoliation, as it hurts your skin less.

Do not forget to apply a facial serum or a serum, and it can be with orange extract or green tea with vitamin C, here we leave you some of our recommendations. Finally, do not forget to protect your skin, for this you need a moisturizing cream, an eye contour and of course sunscreen.

The best secrets of Casa Beauty-Tampines Korean products have to do with their products and their beauty routines.

Here We Tell You Which The Best Are:

  • The “rubber” masks. They are an evolution of facial masks that are achieved by mixing powders enriched with water until obtaining a mixture similar to a kind of paste.
  • Your beauty routine is repeated in the morning and the evening. The morning treatment is usually faster, around 10-15 minutes, while the evening treatment usually lasts longer because “it incorporates other elements such as facial masks, which are usually left between 15-20 minutes so that the skin can absorb the essence”.
  • One of the most influential Korean techniques is to follow an order from the lightest to the thickest product. With this, they get more out of face masks, lotions and creams. To do this, you have to be highly systematic. The book’s authors explain that the night is ideal for nourishing the skin and, in this sense, Korean women perform a ritual that