Vaidya Rama And Punarnava- A Healing Lifestyle

Every area leaves you with an effect this is so sparkling and natural while you are there, experiencing that area. That freshness is quite misplaced while it takes time to put in writing approximately it, and this is why I determined to put in writing a brief observation earlier than leaving Vaidya Rama and Punarnava network.

What Is Vaidya Rama and Why Am I There?

Valderrama is an Ayurvedic remedy middle. Unlike different ayurvedic facilities that function just like motels and spas, this institute places Ayurveda into exercise via the way of life they follow. Each affected person who comes right here first undergoes a session with the practitioners and their frame kind is identified. Alongside, their repute of the frame is likewise cited and the subsequent days, they may be placed into eating regimen and different workouts in which they get better or makes the frame wholesome via the whole lot they do of their life.

The second I reached the entrance; I may want to sense the distinction withinside the area. Be it the hospitality in their body of workers or the surroundings they’ve created with the bushes and reforestation of the area and the usage of the medicinal and indigenous plants, the remedy middle feels just like a domestic than a health facility. The body of workers, be it those who are attending to the sufferers or those who prepare dinner the meals for everybody, everybody is content material of their jobs and satisfied to engage with you. For more info

But why turned into me there on my backpacking adventure in India? The call of Vaidya Rama got here up withinside the searches for permaculture villages in Coimbatore or a few aggregates of such searches. I turned into additionally burdened approximately why an Ayurveda remedy middle turned into withinside the consequences however determined to test out their Facebook page.

Food In Vaidya Rama

Food is a crucial part of the remedy right here. All sufferers are given wholesome vegetarian meals, that are freshly organized withinside the kitchen. Minimum or no spices are used however I can let you know the meals they serve is good, truly good.

Nowadays, I usually discover a want to make certain if the meals are vegan or vegetarian. So, I assume I may have requested Geetha extra than a few times to verify that. So, Vaidya Rama offers a vegetarian eating regimen. The meal is wealthy with milk and ghee and different dairy products. But in case you are a vegan, you could opt out of them and the meals might be nonetheless delicious.

The meal is ready withinside the yellow flame the usage of briquettes. These are the blocks of a mixture of wood, dried manure, and different stuff. It may be sold withinside the market. Everyone right here is worked up to speak approximately it.

Talking approximately meals, chai is something very not unusual place in Indian households. Here at Vaidya Rama, I turned into given a tea however a distinctive one. It turned into crafted from a unique blend that contained unrefined sugar/ jaggery, extracts from grass, and different elements that I don’t pick out. But it tasted good.

A Little More About the Vaidya Rama remedy middle

The remedy middle is constructed in distinctive blocks and named with alphabets. Each of those blocks has 4 distinctive rooms inside. Each of those blocks has a health practitioner assigned and therapists who contend with the sufferers.

Everything on this block and surrounding it’s far made in a green way; however, we can speak about that a bit later. I turned into taking a stroll withinside the nighttime to discover the sufferers all collected in a corridor in a circle. Each institution of sufferers can get collectively and percentage their stories. It is likewise part of the remedy to make those human connections and each one I discovered there regarded to be satisfied approximately it.

On different days, distinctive agencies collected round and had a nice time withinside the corridor called “Mandapam”. This is likewise in which the satang came about earlier than the day commenced and the yoga lessons. It won’t be simply to disregard the lotus pot in the front of Mandapam, it’s one calm area to be.


Balarama is a residence for the lads from a close-by village who’re from bothered houses or with abusive parents. The concept of the challenge is to bring society across the Punarnava network. The domestic comprises around sixteen youngsters in Balagrama, educates them, and molds them into destiny leaders.

It turned into the Navaratri vacation after I turned there and everybody withinside the Balarama went domestic for the vacation. During my life in Vaidya Rama, I turned into given a mattress in Balagrama for the reason that the health facility turned into a stuffed-up. Coming to Balagrama withinside the nighttime, I turned into added to Arena, who looks after the youngsters and Balarama.

In total, there are sixteen boys plus a body of workers residing in Balarama. Their everyday habit begins off evolved at 7 am and consists of yoga, and prayer earlier than they visit school. The meals for them are likewise organized withinside the kitchen close by via way of means of the identical technique this is used withinside the Vaidya Rama. Generally, the meals are ready withinside the neighborhood style, however, from time-to-time humans sponsor the food even as they rejoice in their anniversaries or birthdays, or any unique day.

She turned into part of Project Annam decades earlier than she misplaced everybody in her circle of relatives. Later she joined the Punarnava network and facilitates small chores across the kitchen. The subsequent day I am additionally going for the challenge Annam however I’ll speak extra approximately this challenge later withinside the blog.