Wine’s Health Benefits Could Justify Buying Wall Wine Racks

Wine’s Health Benefits Could Justify Buying Wall Wine Racks

Do you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner? Many of us like a glass of red or white wine with our dinners. Whether it is with steak, seafood, or pasta, many types of dishes seem to taste better with wine. However, several studies now indicate that wine is not only tasty, it is also healthy! Health experts suggest that drinking a glass of wine every-other-day can provide us with several health benefits:

1. Red grape skins have anti-aging effects

Studies have shown that along with the skins of cranberries and blueberries, the skins of red grapes contain a chemical called Resveratrol. What is so special about it? It has antioxidant characteristics that provide several health benefits to humans, such as as an anti-aging agent. The Resveratrol is released during the fermentation involved in transforming grapes into wine.

2. White wine may improve lung function

A study that the University of Buffalo conducted has revealed that drinking white wine in particular, could help to maintain the health of one’s lungs. In the study at Buffalo University, the researchers learned that the lungs of regular wine drinkers performed better than those who did not drink wine. White wines in particular provided benefits to lungs, due to the antioxidants they contained. The wines in your wall wine racks could provide this benefit to your home’s guests.

3. Red wine reduces coronary heart disease

Researchers have discovered that various substances in red wine seem to benefit the heart. Studies indicate that alcohol may provide benefits to hearts, such as through lowering the likelihood of suffering from coronary heart disease.

4. A protein in red grape skins can kill cancer cells

Researchers at the University of Virginia have discovered that a protein contained in grape skins, can actually help to kill cancer cells in humans! The protein, NF-kB is located in all cells nucleus. The researchers discovered that drinking a single glass of wine 3-4 times weekly, is enough to block cancer cells from feeding on a protein that they need to survive. On the other hand, drinking more than that dose could actually increase the likelihood of getting cancer!

5. Red grape skins can keep arteries clean

Yet another benefit of the chemical Resveratrol is that it can clean the arteries of a particular type of unwanted plaque.

Finally, the million-dollar question is: is red wine or white wine healthier? You may need this question answered before loading your wall wine racks. While both types of wine help to increase our bodies levels of

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